TellTims is a customer feedback program for Tim Hortons, a fast-food restaurant that specializes in coffee and donuts. The main purpose of the TellTims Hortons Customer Satisfaction Survey is to collect feedback and suggestions from your customers. All of your responses to the Telltims survey give the network an idea of ​​what customers think of the company’s services, groceries, and other offerings.

TellTimsTim Hortons is a famous fast-food chain that also wants to keep in touch with its customers to hear their voices. Therefore, you are determined to complete the Tim Hortons survey titled Telltims on his official web portal

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In exchange for your honest feedback on the Tim Hortons survey, the network is also offering a free Tim Hortons coupon that will give you great discounts on your next purchase. In this article, you can easily find out the conditions you need to participate in the Telltims Feedback Survey. Telltims UK Survey – Tim Hortons strongly believes that his customers are happy and satisfied. For this reason, you are now completing this TellTims customer satisfaction survey at or

Good news if you are a Tim Hortons customer and recently placed an order with Tim Hortons. If you take a few minutes and leave honest comments and real opinions about your recent visit to Cafe Tim Hortons, you could win some great deals or prizes.

How To Take TellTims Survey?

  • Visit the survey website at
  • You must enter your search code on the home page. To continue, click START or any link to the Spanish website if you prefer that language.
  • Your overall satisfaction with the Tim Hortons dining experience will be assessed. Choose one of the available options.
  • Select the type of item that was included in your order. All applicable points are marked.
  • Factors to consider are your satisfaction with the restaurant’s service, food quality, speed, location, friendliness, professionalism, and appearance. Do the same for order accuracy and cleanliness, as well as temperature, cleanliness, bathroom cleanliness, the total value of food, and overall food quality.


  • Please let us know if there were any problems during your visit. If so, please provide more details.
  • Estimate the probability of returning in the next 30 days or recommend the area to your friends.
  • They ask some questions about the behavior of the employees. Please answer yes or no.
  • Please indicate how often you visited Tim Horton in the past 30 days.
  • Write down the validation code on your receipt. This code can be used to redeem a gift after it has been returned.

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Hortons Survey Rules And Requirements

There are some basic rules and requirements that the Tim Hortons survey must meet.

  • Be a resident of the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the TellTims survey.
  • A valid receipt from Tim Hortons is required.
  • You will also need a laptop or smartphone or another device that can access the internet.
  • Users must have a basic knowledge of English or Spanish.
  • Each survey voucher TellTims Survey Code is only valid for one entry.
  • Use your promo TellTims Survey Code within 30 days of completing the survey.
  • No transfer of benefits is allowed.
  • Company employees and their families and subsidiaries cannot participate in the survey.

Following Are The Survey Restrictions

  • As mentioned in the previous section, you cannot participate in the TellTims survey without a valid receipt. It must be less than 3 days old.
  • People who work at Tim Hortons, such as waiters, cooks, managers, and others, are not eligible for the survey. Your immediate family, such as wife/husband, parents, children, etc. they are also prohibited. This clause is only effective to ensure that biased comments are not circulated in the investigation files.
  • The invitation TellTims Survey Code after receipt is not valid after 3 days.
  • The validation code that you will receive after submitting your comments will not be valid after 30 days.
  • The TellTims discount code is non-transferable and cannot be sold for cash.

Instructions For Participating In Surveys

  • Log in to the official Tell Tims Hortons portal and wait for it to load.
  • By default, the site is displayed in English. If you wish, you can change the language to Spanish by clicking on the corresponding link at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the unique survey invitation code found at the bottom of the receipt and press Start.
  • Before starting the actual survey, you will be asked to rate your overall experience at the point of sale. In it, select the appropriate option.
  • Please answer the TellTims survey questions honestly. His practical experience is invaluable to Tell Tims Horton’s authorities.
  • You must enter your personal information to receive the free discount TellTims Survey Code. Your data remains absolutely safe and can only be used for internal purposes.

Know Rewards At

If you are interested in the TellTims Hortons Survey, all of your customers who successfully complete the Tell Tims Hortons Coupon Survey will receive the TellTims Hortons Reward.

If you complete the TellTims Hortons Customer Feedback Survey, you have a high chance of winning the free coupon code. So take the coupon with you the next time you go to a restaurant to get a discount on the food you bought. Use this code to get a discount on your purchases the next time you visit Tim Hortons.


You will receive a validation code that you can use at any time on your next visit to Tell Tims Hortons (valid for 30 days). It is important to note that you must buy a drink to activate the offer. The reward you will receive is 100% non-transferable and non-negotiable.

Note: The reward for completing this survey is subject to change at any time. The value of your “premium reward” depends entirely on what is printed on your receipt. Therefore, check your receipt for more information.

Official NameTellTims
Survey RewardsValidation code
Age 18+
Managed ByTims Horton
Survey Code Digits21

Why The TellTims Research?

Let us understand why you should take it. What do you think will come of that? Will your opinion fully benefit Tim Horton? Almost! While your Tell Tims Survey feedback is beneficial to Tim Horton, you can enjoy its benefits.

It is obvious that the customer is a very important aspect of any business, while the importance of increasing sales is also high for a business. So how do sales increase? If you want to increase your sales, it is absolutely necessary that your customers are happy. To make your customers happy, you can first respect their wishes, but to know what your customers want, you must know what they want. Tim Horton Company is conducting the TellTims Team survey through and is conducting the TellTims survey.

Tell Tims Survey Hortons would love to know the downsides you have as a Tim Hortons customer because he would love to see the benefits of Tim Hortons in the future. Your contribution is extremely valuable to Tim Hortons. They want to make sure that all of their customers have the best possible experience; For this reason, they value your helpful feedback so that they can improve in the areas that are most important to you, such as:

They also want to take a few minutes to tell you about their recent interaction with them. Therefore, you have the opportunity to tell them about your experience at Tim Hortons. Your input is crucial to ensuring they provide the best delivery and collection service to all of their customers. They also want to know about your last order and what you can do to improve it in the future.

About TellTims Survey

Tim Hortons Inc. is a Canadian multinational fast food restaurant chain. Tim Hortons of Toronto serves coffee, donuts, and other fast food items. It is the largest fast-food chain in Canada with 4,846 restaurants in 14 countries (as of December 31, 2018).

The company was founded in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1964 by Canadian hockey players Tim Horton and Jim Charade after their first involvement in hamburger restaurants. In 1967, Horton partnered with investor Ron Joyce, who took over the business after Horton’s death in 1974. Joyce expanded the chain to a multi-million dollar franchise. Charade left the organization in 1966 and returned briefly in 1970 and 1993-1996.

On August 26, 2014, Burger King agreed to purchase Tim Hortons for $ 11.4 billion. The network became a subsidiary of the Canadian holding company Restaurant Brands International on December 15, 2014, with a majority stake in the Brazilian investment company 3G Capital.


The coffee and donut menu at Tim Hortons stores consists primarily of their standard offerings. Their specialties are delicious hot waffles, double iced coffee with maple syrup, delicious freshly baked scones, and coffee with maple syrup, cappuccino, and afternoon tea.

Tim Horton’s Lunch Menu (Top 3)

  • BLT – Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich is a Big Winner TellTims doesn’t skip on the bacon.
  • Chicken salad: a delicious salad ideal for weight loss.
  • Turkey Bacon Club – Again, you can’t go wrong with bacon.

When you need a break from the hearty fare on Tim Hortons’ regular menu, head over to the small, family-friendly restaurant offering sandwiches, soups, specialty coffees, and donuts. Unlike his other locations, Tim Horton’s Little Chicken Sandwich Soup is a small soup. Enjoy a delicious meal at Tim Hortons Café. You can find affordable prices for a wide variety of foods and beverages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can lead to a person’s disqualification from TellTims?

Several factors can lead to the disqualification of a person. One of the reasons for this is that the answers you give in the survey are incorrect. Furthermore, the system is tampered with in any way possible if suspected. You will be disqualified and will not receive any discount. Otherwise, you won’t get anything if you don’t follow the TellTims survey search rules.


How long does it take to complete the TellTims survey?

The time it takes to complete the TellTims survey is different for each person. Different people have different aspects, such as different speeds and the strength of the Internet they use. However, at medium speed and with a good Internet connection, the search takes about five minutes.

What do I get from TellTims?

Most people need a reason to take the survey. TellTims Survey can save you money by getting a discount on the validation code that you will receive after the survey. In addition, your opinion will be heard and implemented.

How long does it take for the receipt and coupon to become invalid?

The receipt you received after dinner at Tim Hortons takes seven days to expire. It takes 30 days for the coupon to expire after the survey is completed.

Final Words

It only takes a few minutes and you help somewhere. The TellTims questions are straightforward and pertain only to your dining experience. So all you need to do is worry about your next visit, and don’t forget to write down your likes and dislikes. You can start from there. So why not give it a try?

Information is power. The information you provide in a survey can help a business move forward. By providing the information, you participate in the decision-making process because it takes your opinion into account before making the decision. Having said that, no one would hate having discounted coins.

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